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Entrepreneurial Education & Learning Initiative

Michael Shields.

MSc HDip in Ed (School Planning)


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Michael Shields provides overall strategic and operational direction for the Entrepreneurial Education Learning Initiative (Ireland) with a focus on contributing to progressing the National Strategy in Education for Sustainable Development and creating a stronger focus on Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation in accordance with the Action Plan for Education 2018.

Michael previously spent two decades as a Community School Principal followed by two years as Assistant National Co-Ordinator of the School Development Planning Initiative (SDPI) Post Primary.

A career change then followed with Michael becoming a highly successful entrepreneur as MD of his family businesses – Screenflex Ireland and Shields Mobile Stages.



Entrepreneurship Education has long been a policy priority at EU level, underlined in a succession of strategic EU documents and communications including the Key Competences Framework of Life Long Learning Europe 2020,The Small Business Act 2020 and Rethinking Education Communication.
The European Commission recommends all young people should have a practical experience before leaving sch lol
Also the COSME Programme specifically underlines the importance of investment in the development of entrepreneurial skills and competences at all levels of Education.

Eeli aims to partner with Educational Institutions,Government and non Government agencies to empower their constituents with an Entrepreneurial Mindset.


In his varied roles, Michael positively impacted customers, colleagues and students in Education that he has engaged with and influenced over the years.

As an “Ice House” trained facilitator Michael Shields has been certified to lead Entrepreneurship Education programmes from Eli (USA).
The programmes include additional content based on interviews with Irish Entrepreneurs to truly localize the concepts brought forward in the rest of the curriculum.
The initial pilot Programme completed and data collected through assessment tools
Designed to measure student engagement and entrepreneurial development have provided a strong case for broader and more inclusive. Implementation and delivery throughout Ireland during 2018 and beyond.


Student Success Programe

The programme has Entrepreneurial thinking at its core.

Draws upon 8 Fundamental concepts of Entrepreneurial mindset:

            Resourcefulness                                          Power of Choice

            Idea into Action                                           Reliability

            Creating Community                                   Recognizing opportunity

            Persistence                                                  Pursuit of Knowledge 

Small Business Edition

Programme is designed to inspire and engage.

Developing Entrepreneural attitudes, behaviours and skills.

Learning processes that are incorporated :

    Problem-based learning                           peer-to-peer learning

    Experiential learning                              Self-directed learning 

The course is tailored fpr Small business assistance, aspiring entrepreneures, early business owners.               

Entrepreneurial Programe : Student Edition

Similar to Student Success Programme with students engaging more in the entrepreneurial process using  “The Opportunity Discovery Canvas” where students use search skills to identify problems, find solutions and make connections.
Also, the programme usually involves an extended delivery time schedule.

Please contact your Eeli representative to bring the Entrepreneurship Programme/s to your campus/organization/institution.


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